Bookkeeping Matters, Inc. specializes in working with small businesses and delivers visibility into your financial position.

With a comprehensive suite of bookkeeping and consulting solutions, including Flat-Rate Bookkeeping, QuickBooks Training, QuickBooks Consulting and other accounting related services, our solutions are tailored to your specific business model.

Whether you need a bookkeeper, help to set up QuickBooks for your specific business or to be trained to get the most out of QuickBooks, Bookkeeping Matters has services and consulting solutions that will deliver a visibly better way to manage your business!

How can a bookkeeper help with your business?

  • Grow your business : You’ll be able to focus on the big picture instead of dealing with managing the books.
  • Spending your time where it’s most valuable : Use your time to make connections, create sales and work with your team, clients and business partners.
  • Manage cash flow : With regular bookkeeping reports you’ll be able to manage cash flow more effectively so you’ll be prepared to deal with the ebb-and-flow of business cycles.
  • Expedite tax preparation : Professional grade bookkeeping will enable you to cut out errors and speed the preparation of your taxes.
  • Simplify : Taking the management of your books off of your hands will simplify your role,
    giving you the freedom to focus on the aspects of your business that are important to you and giving you peace of mind that your financials are being handled by professionals.
  • Visibility : With a solid view of your financial position, you’ll be better equipped to make decisions for the short and long term.
A visibly better way to manage your business! Call Bookkeeping Matters today at 503.995.1929 to schedule your consultation!