Uncertainty is something you never want hanging over your head,
especially when it comes to the finances of your business.

Bookkeeping Matters’ (BMI) Error Investigation consulting service is ideal for small business owners who handle the bookkeeping themselves and need to know if they’re doing things right… or creating errors and inconsistencies. BMI delivers this service remotely, so you will need to provide a backup copy of your QuickBooks file and we’ll analyze it from our offices.  After the investigation, you’ll receive a comprehensive report, which we’ll review and discuss during a consultation. The report will detail:

  • each area of QuickBooks and highlight what you’re doing right,
  • explain what you’re doing wrong,
  • deliver information about what needs to be fixed, and
  • how to do things better from now on.

Consulting Investment :: $190 flat fee

A visibly better way to manage your business! Call Bookkeeping Matters today at 503.995.1929 to schedule your consultation!