Cash flow is king!
During this two-hour consultation we’ll customize QuickBooks so that you can monitor and respond to short- and long-term changes in cash flow and get a true picture of how your company’s finances really stand. The appointment includes:

  • set up of the direct download of your banking transactions into QuickBooks so that you can see exactly what your current cash position is and which checks are still outstanding,
  • training you on how to continue using the online banking download on a daily basis for better business management,
  • set up of a customized cash flow analysis report so you can predict upcoming cash inflows and outflows over a 4-week period, and
  • training on how to maintain the worksheet and update it as information changes.

Consulting Investment :: $190 flat fee

A visibly better way to manage your business! Call Bookkeeping Matters today at 503.995.1929 to schedule your consultation!